10 reasons why my postpartum care centre in Taiwan was so amazing

I am a Taiwanese who lives with my English husband in the UK for years. When we knew I was pregnant and we were going to have our first baby (or probably our only baby), I decided to go to Taiwan to give birth by a 23-hour journey of flight with 2 transits. It was not easy but it's great I made it. If I had to make the decision again, I reckon I will still do the same. This article will tell you the 10 reasons why the healthcare centre I stayed after my child was born was so amazing.

坐月子做什麼? 分享: 禾馨士林產後護理之家 守護媽媽寶寶身心靈的快樂天堂

俗稱「坐月子」,在台灣是流傳已久的傳統。尤其在現代,結合中醫理論及西醫科學的月子對產婦的調養至關重要!透過一個月的休息與調理,讓產婦像重生一樣,以健全的身心迎接育兒新生活。 此外,雖然父母之愛是天性,但沒有人天生就知道怎麼養育小孩。月子中心就像是新手爸媽的「實習營」一樣,透過一個月的密集學習與練習,從做中學,從學中做,回到家就可以輕鬆上手。


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